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Los Angeles Foreclosure Defense Attorney

Protecting Your Home From Foreclosure

Since the near collapse of the U.S. housing market homeowners across the nation are struggling to save their homes from foreclosure or the threat of foreclosure. Real Estate Law Center PC offers the experienced and aggressive representation homeowners need to fight for their rights and protect their homes. With offices in Los Angeles and Pasadena, California, the firm accepts private claims and serves as lead counsel on mass tort claims involving homeowners throughout the San Fernando Valley and nationwide.

Resolutions Tailored To Your Unique Situation

Real Estate Law Center PC understands that while mortgage issues resulting from lender liability may be widespread, each client's case is highly unique. The firm's Los Angeles foreclosure defense lawyers take time to review each client's particular case in detail before determining the best legal solution to remedying the situation. Often the firm takes claims into the courtroom to hold lenders accountable for bad faith, predatory lending practices and other lending negligence.

Attorneys at the Real Estate Law Center PC have handled hundreds of real estate litigation claims involving foreclosure defense and lender liability. From assisting individual homeowners in private claims to representing multiple claimants in mass tort litigation, the firm provides tailored advice on which legal resolution is best suited given your unique circumstances.

Your Peace Of Mind Is Our Main Goal

Many real estate firms concentrate on helping clients obtain other remedies to foreclosure such as loan restructuring or encouraging a client to pursue a short sale. Real Estate Law Center PC fights to help clients keep their homes, regularly pursuing litigation against the bank or lending company, while simultaneously seeking loan modification or helping clients prevent foreclosure through consumer bankruptcy.

To learn more about the legal solutions you may have to stop foreclosure, contact Real Estate Law Center PC at 800-519-5942 toll free to schedule a free initial consultation with the firm's experienced real estate litigation team.

If this is an emergency situation, please call us as soon as possible. We are prepared to work with you over the phone.

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